How To Easily Setup Transfirst Gateway

  1. How do I setup Transfirst with Fleapay?
  2. What if Transfirst only provided me test credientials?

How do I setup Transfirst with Fleapay

  1. Check your inbox for email from Transfirst
    Note: Check your spam folder for anything from
  2. Your MerchantID (TC ID) is below 'Your Account Information' and will be numbers, for example 54442
  3. Your RegKey Value will need to be obtained by contacting the merchant support team at (800) 654-9256. Tell them you are setting up your Fleapay account and they will send the request to integrations.

    The integrations team will then call you and run a quick test transaction and issue your RegKey. Fleapay always works so this process happens very quickly.

    The RegKey will be alpha-numeric, for example S6GMBE8TJPH9EYPG
  4. Copy you MerchantID (TC ID) and RegKey into Fleapay Account Settings

What if Transfirst only provided me test credientials?

Call merchant support at (800) 654-9256. Tell support you are using Fleapay, which is a 'Certified Shopping Cart'.

Please note that you might also need inform the representative the following: Fleapay verifies your RegKey and Username when it's entered. This ensures they are valid and function before you can begin selling with Fleapay.

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