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  1. How do I setup Merchant Anywhere with Fleapay?

How do I setup Merchant Anywhere with Fleapay

  1. You will be using your 5 or 6-digit Logon ID (MID) and RegKey (not your password) to setup your MerchantAnywhere account with Fleapay.
  2. If you do not know your Logon ID (MID), it can be found in the “Welcome” email from
    Note: Check your spam folder for anything from
  3. You will also need a RegKey, which can be obtained from our online RegKey Request Form

    The RegKey will be alpha-numeric, for example S6GMBE8TJPH9EYPG
  4. Enter your Logon ID (MID) and RegKey into the Fleapay Account Settings.
If you need additional help connecting your MerchantAnywhere account with Fleapay, please call (714) 449-0211 or email We will be happy to assist you.

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