Help With Fleapay Payment Buttons

  1. How do I customize my payment button?
  2. Can I use more than one payment button on a page?
  3. Can I use the payment button to give away FREE stuff?

Customize payment buttons

Customize your hacking the embed javascript provided for each of your products. Below is an example payment widget with the payment button color, button title and product title modified.

  • Add some color to your button by addding the `title` property.
  • Change the default "Add To Cart" text by addding the `button` object.
  • Turn on your product label by addding the `title` property.
  • .
<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" id="fp_product_embed_20ac8fd01e">
    var fp_20ac8fd01e;
        var e=d.getElementsByTagName("script")[0],s=d.createElement(s);s.type="text/javascript";s.async=!0;
        fp=function(){try{fp_20ac8fd01e=new FleapayIFrame({
            title: true,
            price: true,
            button: {
                        text: "Buy Now!",
                        background: "pink"

Add more than one payment button on a page

Absolutely. Look, there's one up there and one down there. That's three just on this page. Add as many as you want to each page.

How to use a payment button to give away FREE stuff

Is it really possible? Sure! Go ahead and give it a try!



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